Miracle Romance “Sailor Moon” Eyeliner

Hello peeps!!!

OMG! How is everyone doing? I’ve been gone for quite sometime and it’s all because of adulting -_-!


Distressed because of so much adulting selfie!

I’ve been traveling quite a lot since mid-last year and I’ve been collecting a bunch of stuff that I want to share on my blogs, so keep tuned 🙂

So I’m making my great comeback with an eyeliner review! But, it’s not just any eyeliner… it’s the Sailor Moon “Miracle Romance Eyeliner”

Now for those that are wondering who Sailor Moon is, I only have one question for you: Did you live under a rock?

Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh, but I only say this because I care you, yes you, the person ready this blog.

Well let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon is a Japanese manga that came out in the late 80’s that was later animated in the early 90’s. From its inception it was well received by the public.

This anime was very meaningful for me growing up, because Serena was just like me, a middle-school girl that was confused about life in general, but she took the huge responsibility to become a Sailor Scout and save the world from evil. Her story and personality had a huge positive impact in the person I am today.

Anyways… let’s get into the good stuff!


It’s a felt tip eyeliner that comes with interchangeable caps (that you can put on top of the cap that they eyeliner comes with). You can get the Moon Stick, Cutie Moon Rod, Spiral Heart Moon Rod & Pink Moon Stick.

Mine already came with the Moon Stick. :


My sister traveled to South Korea a month ago, and she was kind enough to get this for me


After “punishing everyone in the name of the moon” *does sailor moon pose* (of course that was the first thing I had to do… duh) I decided to give it a try…



The first thing I noticed is that the felt tip makes it very easy to make thin or thick lines. The black is also very intense, but I did feel the need to do a couple more passes on top of my original line.

To put this baby to the test I decided to go out for a couple hours to test its durability and unfortunately it didn’t do so well…


It stared to smudge about 2-3 hours after I started wearing it.

I do have to say that Ohio is very humid during the summer. When I was out it was about 80° degrees and there was 50% humidity. The MOST UNHOLY WEATHER!!!

Also it stared to fade at the wing:


You can see that the liner part on the lid looks darker than the liner part on part that’s flicked.


  •  It’s a “TAKE MY MONEY” item for sure. For those that watched Sailor Moon as kids, know exactly what I’m talking about. I would say that this is a direct attack to the millennial population, since we were the ones that enjoyed Sailor moon during our childhoods. I know that they also release a Sailor Moon powder and people went nuts. You can probably try to find it only for a million dollars 🙂
  • My sister purchased this item for $20 dollars. For the price, I don’t think the eyeliner itself it’s worth it. Specially because you can totally get the Stila “All Day” waterproof eyeliner & this eyeliner will stay on all freaking day! ($22 dollars @ Sephora.com)
  • If think that this is more of a collectors item, than an actual well-thought out makeup product.
  • I give this product a 5/5. Even though the eyeliner itself isn’t the best, it brought a lot of good memories and I’m just excited to have something that makes me happy!

ADIOS, BYE, 再见, 안녕

Guise, I’ve recently been listening to IU a lot! I never really gave her a chance before because I thought her music was just generic bubble-gum kpop. Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t mind it, but it can get old. But boy, I was wrong! Her music is fantastic and you should go and giver her a listen. Her music just gets better with time!



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