Pony Pink Bloom Memebox *REVIEW*

Hello Peeps!

I have returned and as promised… I bring you today my Pony memebox review!

For those that do not know Pony, you can go and look at my previous review here (click)

Alright, ready? Let’s do this!


You get 6 full size products in this Memebox.

I got the “Pony’s Choice in Pink Bloom” Memebox


  • Shine Easy Glam3 Palette in #2 Pink Bloom
  • Blossom Lipstick #4 Blooming Love
  • I’m Eyeliner #4 Blazing
  • I’m Cream Blush #3 Selena
  • I’m Cream Shadow in #1 Flash Light
  • I’m Mascara in #1 Jet Black




2015-05-10 21.06.22

This palette comes with 4 shades. Since this is the “Pink Bloom” quad, most of the eye shadows are pink with the exception of “Shine Ash Brown”

So let me tell you one thing first. These shadows are mostly glitter. They aren’t very pigmented but they are meant to be that way. Glitter is very popular in Korea and lots of K-pop stars sport glitter on their eyes. The only way you can get quite a good color pay off with these eye shadows is if you apply them wet.


Alright… so I kind of cheated on this one hahaha

The lipstick that came in the box is #4 in Blooming Love but pink does not look good on me. So I decided to buy another color that looks good on me (I gave the pink lipstick to my friend xD)

I bought #2 Spring Love


The packaging is surprisingly super cute. It fits really well in your hands and the texture of the lipstick is very smooth.

I know it looks pretty pink in this pic, but I actually used a bright pink Dior lipstick and the put the #2 lip color in the middle.

2015-05-10 21.15.03

#2 Spring Lipstick Swatch

2015-05-10 20.55.58


Memebox definitely knows how to make eyeliners. I own 3 of their shades including the one that came in this box. OMG they are freaking pigmented and they just stay! They stay forever!

2015-05-10 20.58.17

Beautiful color: Check. Staying power: Freaking check! Good job Memebox


I wish I could say that same thing about this blush when it comes to staying power… I am not a fan of this blush. It doesn’t stay long and the color pay off is’t very good 😦 But if you are looking for light cream blush then this could be a very good option for you.

#3 Selena Cream Blush Swatch

2015-05-10 20.55.58


2015-05-10 21.07.59

Did you get blind when you saw this picture? Because this eye shadow is freaking glittery. These are basically pressed glitter. It comes with glitter chunks that once they break down they reveal their color.

They remind me of the Stila Magnificent Metal Foil Finish Eye Shadow. The Stila is a better quality though and it lasts longer than the memebox one.



2015-05-10 20.57.44

I am actually very impressed with this mascara. This stuff is awesome, way better than the mascara I got in my previous Pony Memebox. This mascara will you all the length in the world (not so much volume) but there is downside to this mascara: It is freaking painful to take off. But to be honest, I am willing to go through that pain in order to have the result that this mascara gives me. This mascara is very “Korean” if we get technical about it. It gives you the length that is popular in Korea, because I don’t think that volume is popular per se.

And here is the look I created with this memebox

 2015-05-10 21.16.21


  • Beautiful products. I don’t think that all of them are really good, but I was overall happy with the whole box
  • OBSESSED with the mascara and the eyeliner!
  • The eye shadows and the lipstick are okay
  • Not loving the blush 😦
  • I give this memebox a 4/5.


ADIOS, BYE, CIAO, 再见,  안녕

P.S OMG you guys. I have been obsessed with this song

It’s called “Just Tell Me” by MyName. This is a Korean band that I have been listened to a lot ever since I heard their song “Too So Very Much”

When it comes to music I always appreciate catchy and fun songs. Not only they have good songs, but they also have super fun and entertaining dance moves! Check them out!

My bias is In Soo oppa. HE DRIVES ME CRAZY XD


He is a piece of art xD T.T


I attempted to do the Negative Space Nails trend. Lol I think I did a pretty decent job for my first time.



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