Beauty Pouch Essentials for Summer :3 Part 1

Hello peeps!

So today I am not back with a review, but rather I will give you some life advice xD

I started a new job today and for some reason I always become OCD when to comes to my first day when I go to a new place haha. I always need to be there in time and I have to be ready for anything, so I always pack my entire life in my purse.

But since summer is here (damn it T_T) I thought that it would be a great idea for me to show you guys the product I use when this change of weather occurs. It was also very helpful because that helped me to bring it down to a few products (that way I didn’t have to take my whole makeup drawer with me xD)

Alright, let’s begin…

2015-05-04 18.55.12

1. Dry Shampoo

2015-05-04 18.55.45

Didn’t have time in the morning to take a shower? Was the bed calling out your name every time you tried to wake up? Well my friend, that’s my life every single morning. But for those that ain’t about that morning life, then dry shampoo is a freaking life saver. Not only will this absorb all that grease out of your hair, but it will also smell super good. I recommend that “Detox Dry Shampoo” by DryBar. ($13 at Sephora)

2. BB Cushion/Miracle Cushion

2015-05-04 18.56.13

Once again, for those that ain’t about that morning life and you got no time for makeup… this is another life saver! Not only will this BB Cushion will cover up some of your imperfections, but it will give you a very nice glow. I recommend the Laneige BB Cushion. ($34 @ Target).

But for those that do have a little bit of time I would recommend the “Miracle Cushion” by Lancome. This cushion will give you more coverage than the BB cushion and will also help mattify your skin a bit. ($46.50 @ Sephora) You can read my reviews of these two products for the BB Cushion and the Miracle Cushion.

3. TonyMoly Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist

 2015-05-04 18.57.18

Do you want something cute and fun to carry around in your purse? Well, look no further 🙂 TonyMoly always has the cutest and funnest products in the market. Not only will this pocket bunny make you look like the coolest person on earth, but it will also help you with oil control. It helps reduce and absorb excess facial oils. Formulated with a fusion of fruit extracts, this mist face mist not only and controls oil without drying, but it also sets makeup and improves the overall feel and look of skin. Perfect for oily or troubled skin, it imparts a fresh, fruity, and alluring fragrance. ($15 @ Sephora) 

4. Blotting Linens or tissues

2015-05-04 18.56.36

If you have never tried these, then girl… YOU NEED THEM IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT MEOW! This things make such an awesome job at removing all of that nasty oil that runs down your face around noon time xD Blotting linens are so easy to use and they are very discreet as well. I recommend the Boscia Green Tea Linens ($10 @ Sephora) I love these ones because they smell really good and they do a really good job at removing the oil off your face.

5. Tint Balm

2015-05-04 19.06.13

This lip balm is perfect for those that are looking for a hydrating  balm, but also want some color on their lips. Tint balms hydrate your lips and then they make you look sexy with a hint of lip tint. I recommend the “I’m Tint Balm” by Memebox. (This tint balm came in a memebox, but you can go to their website to find it)


ADIOS, BYE, CIAO, 再见, 안녕


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