Beauty Blender with Benefit Kit *Review*

Hello Peeps!

I have returned with another review. I was at Sephora on Sunday and I saw that they released quite a few new fun products and I was tempted to buy one of them. Well, this is not a new product per se, but it was something I wanted to try and it came in a kit along with other products so I had to get it since it was such a great price!

I present to you (drum roll)…


Ta dah! The beautyblender + benefit kit 🙂

This kit comes with:

2 beauty blenders (white and pink)

2015-04-13 20.00.46

And a mini size of the Porefessional and Benetint


So kawaii :3


I’ve always heard everyone talking about the beautyblender. I bought a sponge that is similar to a beauty blender from Sephora a while ago and I have to say that it works well, but it never impressed me. When I saw this kit at Sephora I thought it was a great idea to get it. Not only do I get 2 beauty blenders, but I also go 2 minis of products I have also been wanting to have.

Now… How does a beautyblender works? Basically you take the sponge and you soak it in water. You will see the sponge expand. You have to make sure you squeeze the water out of the sponge, you can use a towel as well if you have one available.

2015-04-13 20.01.40

On this picture you can see that the white one is bigger than the pink one after is wet.

2015-04-13 20.03.41

Both wet!

Now let’s try them!

2015-04-13 20.02.042015-04-13 20.02.38

Now.. Here is me with all my makeup-less face! xD

I have to tell you something about me.

When it comes to my under eyes, I need to cover everything! I have really bad hyper pigmentation happening in one eye, and that bad boy needs to go. First I wanted to try how well it blended my concealer. I put some concealer on my face with a brush (I used Tarte under eye CC concealer) and put it directly under my eye area. At first I started to pat the product and I saw that it looked to sheer, so after that I tried rolling the beautyblender with product and I have to say that it gave me better results. I could tell that it left me with more coverage.

2015-04-13 20.05.36

Its pointy top is great to get the product all the way under your bottom eyelashes 🙂

2015-04-13 20.06.07

When it comes to foundation, I don’t like full coverage. I have come to terms with my face and it is clear enough that I don’t care if some of my imperfections show. I tend not to use a lot of foundation and I always use foundation with a sheer finish. With this beauty blender when I was trying to pat the product all over my face, I noticed that the sponged absorbed a bunch of the product which led me to use more foundation.

2015-04-13 20.07.29

I have heard lots of people complain about this. After I patted the foundation all over my face I squeezed the beautyblender and as you can see in this picture some of the foundation was absorbed. But to be honest I really like the sheer coverage that this beautyblender gives me, and it also leaves my face with a beautiful glow.

2015-04-13 22.15.49

But since summer is here, my face gets oily as hell (and I can no longer leave the dewy finish on my face and also no longer can look like a kpop star T.T the world is cruel) so I have to use translucent powder afterwards 😦 I also used the beautyblender for this step.

The box tells you to use the white beautyblender with the Porefessional and the pink one with the Benetint. I personally prefer to put on the Porefessional with my hand.

I did decided to blend the Benetint with the beauty blender and I have to say that I am obsessed with the finish!

2015-04-13 22.17.22

I put 3 dabs of the Benetint on my cheeks and then blended it with the beautyblender. I am obsessed for life. I like the fact that it doesn’t look too pink, it just give me natural and beautiful flushed cheeks :3 I LOVE IT!

2015-04-13 22.18.03

2015-04-13 22.18.32

The beautyblender also has a great 3rd usage. You can put it on your nose and look like a clown. I am thinking of going to the streets and juggle oranges as a part-time job xD JK!

2015-04-13 20.06.46

Now, how do we clean this stuff?

Well, the beautyblender brand makes two types of options to clean your sponge.

Number 1


A solid soap bar (I actually own this one)

Number 2


Liquid cleanser.

I would say that it really doesn’t matter which one you use. It all comes to your preference and what type of cleaner you want to use.


  • I really believe that this a great kit. You get great quality products for a great price. The kit costs $38 dollars at Sephora. You can get 1 beauty blender for $19.95, which means that you would save $1 dollar buying two and you also get 2 mini sizes of awesome products!
  • One bad side of buying this kit is that you won’t get the plastic container in which the individual beautyblender comes in. This makes it difficult to carry and also to dry your beautyblender after you wash it. You are supposed to put your beautyblender on top of the container to dry, so once it shrinks it will fall inside the container and you will know it’s dry.


  • For those that like heavy foundation, I would say that you will have to use quite more product because unfortunately the beautyblender will absorb some of the foundation and it won’t deliver it onto your face 😦
  • I give this product a 4.5/5. I don’t like the fact that you loose quite some of the product while you are blending, but the finish it gives it’s beautiful 🙂


ADIOS, BYE, CIAO, 再见, 안녕

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